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Television and Video Programs

Shaker Heights-Shaker Life videos on Shaker heritage topics available at the Moreland Room of the Shaker Heights Public library:

#55: The City We Call Home: The Story of Building Community, February 1996.

#112: Creating the Valley of God's Pleasure: Pioneers, Shakers, and the Vans, February 1996.

#65: The Gardens of Coventry and North Park, 1984.

#171: Preserving Historic Shaker Heights: The New Century Challenge, May 1995.

#113: Shaker Historical Society Presents a Designated Event of the Cleveland Bicentennial Committee. "The Era of the Vans: The Van Sweringen Brothers' Journey from Doan's Corners to Shaker Heights," October 1996.

#180: Shaker Life Archives 1: Shaker Heights for New Citizens.

#190: Shaker Life Archives 12: Shaker House Colors.

#192: Shaker Life Archives 14: Historical Museum.

#195: Shaker Life Archives 17: House Tour with Marcia Doering.

#201: Shaker Life Archives 23: Shaker Square Home and Garden Tour.

#182: Shaker Life Archives 3: Shaker Square at the Crossroads.

#185: Shaker Life Archives 6: Shaker Heritage.

#187: Shaker Life Archives 8: Van Sweringen Influence.

#92: Shaker Style: Tudor, Georgian, and French. Landmark Commission Tours 1994-1996, Fall 1997.

#60: Through the Eyes of Doan Brook: Shaker Heights before the Lake, April 1996.

also see: Yesterday's Lakewood on the Cleveland Memory Project