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Lakewood House



Clarence Mack, (b.1888 d.1982) architect. In designing 32 houses in Northern Ohio between 1914 and 1938, Clarence Mack adapted established traditional exterior styles to the needs of his clients. Closest are those in Lakewood, Rocky River, Shaker Heights and Mansfield. He used classic proportions, symmetry and doorways that brought the details of French eclectic style and Georgian architecture to these buildings. The interiors were equally carefully designed, elegant and polished. Clarence Mack was one of the architects that designed houses on South Park Boulevard, Fairmount Boulevard and South Woodland Road where the developers, Oris and Mantis Van Sweringen reserved lots for houses built by Cleveland architects. The architectural plans for the houses designed by Clarence Mack have recently been donated to the Cleveland Public Library. He joins the list of accomplished architects who designed residences in other ring suburbs. The Shaker Heights homes were nearly all architect-designed whether they were mansions, medium-sized or more humble houses.


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