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Looking at Modern Architecture

Research Questions

Describe something modern.
What does modern look like?

The traveling unit of the exhibit can come to a school as soon as the proper physical framework is available. It should be placed so that students who see it are intrigued by the accompanying text. (The website www.architectureofcleveland.com will have some ideas) Just this can elicit questions for math, science, art and language arts teachers to draw upon as they address the school's curriculum. Possible Questions for Student consideration: These are houses that are called modern. Have you ever seen houses like these? Where? How are they similar or different from houses you see around you?; Describe the ones you know. Describe these. (Language Arts); What did modern architects care about? How do we know? Some things to consider:

  1. Land and nature. How does the architect meet the challenges of a site? (Where the house is located) (Environmental builders back then)
  2. Structure of building. What is different from traditional buildings? (Plans, Aesthetic considerations)
  3. Layout of interior of building. What is different from traditional buildings? What rooms are important in your house? (Aesthetics, Math)
  4. What materials are used on the outside? On the inside? (Science)
  5. Glass. Why so much glass? What's to see?
  6. How can/does a modern house save energy? (Science)
  7. How do architects plan with clients? What do they talk about? (Everything)

What does "Building Green" mean?

Interviews (by link or reference to CSU History Department), Professor Mark Tebeau

  • 26 interviews with living architects (emphasis on careers and Euclid Avenue) Jack Bialosky AIA, William Blunden FAIA, John Bonebrake AIA, Jennifer Coleman AIA, William Collins AIA, Malcolm Cutting AIA, George Dalton AIA, R. Neal Distad AIA, Richard Fleischman FAIA, Robert Gaede FAIA, James Gibans FAIA, William Gould AIA, James Herman, AIA, Don Hisaka FAIA, Robert Madison FAIA, William Morris AIA, Jerry Payto AIA, Peter van Dijk FAIA, Richard Van Petten AIA, Paul Volpe AIA, AIA. Chris Ronayne, Hunter Morrison, Norman Krumholz, Sterling McMillen (Ted),

Request following tapes from ninagibans@sbcglobal.net

  • J Byers Hays and his vision of modern architecture
  • Story of Pepper Ridge Road:-a vision of a community of modern Architecture.
  • Housing and community: Stories by Robert A. Madison FAIA and Don Hisaka FAIA

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