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Cleveland Playhouse,

Shaker Sqaure,



Small and Rowley. Phillip L. Small (1890-1963) and Charles B.Rowley (1890-1984) practiced architecture together from 1921-1928 during which time M.J. and O.P. Van Sweringen selected them to design one of the five demonstration homes for their development, Shaker Heights. Together they completed more than 40 residences (Georgian and Tudor) in this area. They also designed Daisy Hill Farm, the Van Sweringen home in Hunting Valley, The Cleveland Play House (1926-7), a part of Moreland Courts and Shaker Square.

Shaker Square, (1927-29) is the second oldest outdoor shopping development in the country. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Square recently underwent complete renovation to stimulate the revival of a commercial complex as originally envisioned with a mix of specialty and service stores, restaurants, banks and coffee shops.

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